Privacy Statement CS Digital Media

This Privacy Statement describes how CS Digital Media BV deals with your privacy in general terms and for which purposes data are processed and used.

  1. General

CS Digital Media BV (CSDM) strives for a guaranteed confidential treatment of everyone’s personal data.
In accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation 2018 (AVG, 2018), CSDM takes action to maintain the security, integrity and confidentiality of personal information.

For the monitoring and guaranteeing of actions concerning the collection and processing of personal data and also the AVG 2018, CSDM appointed an official in 2017 under the name Data Officer. This is the central contact person within CSDM for data and / or legal questions. For questions you can contact 020 697 0746 or send an email to:

An assessment has been made for every application relating to the collection and processing of personal data, tested against the AVG 2018 guidelines by ICTRecht BV, a legal consultancy specializing in ICT and internet in general.

  1. Applications

By means of this Privacy Statement CSDM wants to be as transparent as possible about how CSDM handles your personal data, if applicable. This Privacy Statement covers various applications within the CSDM network. Read on to see which applications are used and / or developed by CSDM.

2.1. Live Connector – Metronetwerk Rotterdam
The Live Connector (Interactive Abri) offers brands the opportunity to offer prospective customers a special experience. Via a live connection, a brand representative can have contact with passersby to invite them to an activation.

The Live Connector is used by CSDM within the RET public transport network with regard to various purposes:

  • Creating an attractive advertising media product that can be used by representatives to trigger potential customers
    • Enriching interaction between representatives and visitors via various techniques (eg live connection, beacon, client app)

During and after the live connection that is established between two PCs, there is no storage of data by CSDM.

Opt-Out live connection and beacon
As a visitor on location, you are not obliged to participate in a live connection with a representative via the Live Connector. This makes participation completely non-committal. The representative does not oblige anyone to participate, so the decision lies with the visitor.

As a visitor you can protect yourself from connection through beacon technology by means of an opt-out function in the app of the relevant representative. You can indicate in the app on the device that you do not want to be approached for such content / URLs through push notifications.

You also have the option to completely disable the Bluetooth functionality on your device. Because of this you as a visitor are not obliged to participate in the beacon service.