4K Upgrade

CS Digital Media has started the roll-out of upgrades to her DOOH metro network. The busiest underground station in the Netherlands, Beurs Station in Rotterdam, is the starting point for this series of upgrades. In the first week of 2018 all positions at the station have been fitted with 75” 4K screens, replacing the 46” screens that had previously filled the positions.

The change represents a 150% increase in total screen surface. Over the next few months all screens within the Rotterdam Metro network will be upgraded to the larger screen format. The upgrades in Rotterdam will be completed before April 1st when CS Digital Media starts roll-out of the recently won concession for the Amsterdam Metro network.

Higher impact for advertisers

With these upgrades to the existing networks and roll-out of the new Amsterdam Metro network, CS Digital Media is building on a new and professional identity within public transport with its DOOH networks. Screen sizes within the networks will vary from 75” to 98”. By offering large format screens in combination with 4k campaign capabilities available to advertisers, CS Digital Media is creating a new standard for its DOOH networks. The changes fulfil advertisers wishes to be able to utilise bigger, better and more beautiful screens for their Out Of Home campaigns. The increased viewability of the larger screens offer advertisers a wider reach and bigger impact for their campaigns.


Since 2015 CS Digital Media has made all DOOH inventory available for programmatic advertising. The upgraded and new positions are no exception and will be made available for increasing demand of programmatic campaigns in DOOH.

If you have any questions regarding the upgrades and what this means for you, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We are very happy to answer question you might have. Your questions can be submitted to sales@csdigitalmedia.nl or give us a call at +31 (0) 20 697 07 47.