Programmatic Buying veranderd hoe schermruimte wordt ingekocht

As a subsidiary company of CS Digital Media, MyAdbooker has the scope to develop the future of Digital Out Of Home: programmatic buying. The priority here is to make all DOOH screens available online. Besides CS Digital Media other outdoor advertising operators in the Netherlands and abroad are connected.

Instant registration

As a DOOH Supply Side Platform (SSP), we aggregate all available screens and offer advertising space to advertisers who purchase online, doing so via our exchange. In cooperation with Demand Side Platforms (DSP). DSPs are marketplaces for online advertising purchase. The aim is to achieve an automated purchasing process. No more telephone calls to the screen owners, but direct booking on the screens that are significant for advertisers at the time of day when the message is the most relevant.

Programmatic buying

By making advertising space available online, it will be possible for advertisers to manage advertising purchase based on data. This may be done, for example, on the basis of location data such as geo-location, time and temperature, but also on the basis of other data sources. These may vary, from traffic congestion information to flight data or individual web traffic. The parameters of a campaign are set in advance in the DSP. If a screen complies with the parameters set by advertisers, delivery will occur on that screen. This type of purchasing is also known as programmatic buying.

Achieving the goal optimally

Programmatic buying requires a different approach from both the purchasing party and the selling party. The impact on campaign management is often underestimated in particular. While campaign management stops once the campaign is active in traditional OOH sales, the work starts in earnest at that point in programmatic. After the initial set-up of the campaign in which the locations are selected, the data are linked and the creations are ready for delivery. The delivery of the campaign will have to be monitored and adjusted where necessary in order to achieve the optimum targets.

Data & views

A great deal will change for the publisher as well, including pricing, management and data; these are all elements a publisher will have to consider in offering DOOH screens online. For example, in online DOOH, pricing is set based on CPM (1,000 views) and not on the basis of a flat rate. The reach data of a screen is mapped out per screen, per day and per hour. This makes activity transparent for every screen. In this case, campaign reach is no longer calculated based on the media reach of a location, but on the actual number of views a campaign has generated.

New opportunities

Our technology allows the entire media mix to be operated from a single console. An online campaign may be enhanced by purchasing DOOH in order to reach the target group in the complete user journey. And by adding new or existing data, campaigns can be deployed far more effectively. All these changes offer advertisers and operators new opportunities. Over the past two years, we have had many world exclusives in DOOH with programmatic, including campaigns based on traffic congestion data, radio synchronisation, dynamic advertising based on flight data, and campaigns based on mobile data and web traffic. The world of DOOH is undergoing considerable change due to the impact of online and the opportunities offered by online and data. MyAdbooker has a connecting role here between the old and the new world by bringing technology within the reach of operators and advertisers.