As a registered data collector, CSDM enriches Digital Out of Home campaigns with valuable information about visitor numbers, visiting frequencies and specific features of target groups at metro stations among other things.

Out of Home is increasingly seen as the last mass medium that can reach everyone from the age of 13 onwards. This has benefits for advertisers, but certainly drawbacks as well. How many advertisers actually focus on this target group in full? That summer dress on a shelter display is surely less interesting to a man aged 54?

Registered Data Collector

Digital Out of Home combined with the collection of target group information and location information makes it possible to segment this mass of people. This, in turn, makes it possible to advertise at times that are relevant for the customer and to effectively reach the intended target group at the right location. Triggers such as weather influences (sun, rain, snow), current news and/or events in the area additionally improve the quality of a campaign. CS Digital Media is currently validating audience travel volumes at subway stations in Amsterdam and Rotterdam. Based on samples from anonymous Dutch public transport footfall patterns. Wi-Fi access points help to generate valuable information about the anonymous crowd.


Besides the representation of activity, this makes it possible to map out visiting frequencies, unique and recurring visitor numbers and average staying times. These data are also used as a checking tool for the representation of activity obtained via data from the Dutch public transport chip card. Finally, in the future facial detection cameras will provide insight into specific features of target groups. Age and gender can be determined, for example, but these data also indicate the conversion from the opportunity to view to actually looking at the digital screens.


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