CS Digital Media is one of the few media technology businesses in the DOOH (Digital Out of Home) industry to provide all disciplines for concepts, campaigns, content and technology in-house. From Backoffice to Studio and the Editorial team, from Operations to Marketing / Sales and Development. An introduction.



Sales CS Digital Media

The composition of the CSDM sales team is beautifully balanced. From the old hand to the young and enthusiastic beginner and all the professionals in between. Thanks to the support of our specialists in data and technology, we have all the knowledge available to bring the use of media (also via programmatic buying and possibly combined with interactive and mobile!) to an even higher level, especially for the major public transport networks in Amsterdam and Rotterdam.

Dutchital Media

Dutchital Media, part of CS Digital Media, focuses its activities on the operation of regional and local networks at high-traffic locations throughout the Netherlands. Advertisers have the option of expressing themselves at the right location and targeting the needs of a specific target group with moving images in order to create a high attention value. Dutchital Media has branches in Eindhoven, Den Bosch and Assen.


The Development department specialises in the technical architecture and infrastructure underlying central and client-oriented applications. ‘Generally speaking, we develop innovative and scalable software.’ Development is geared towards translations from business to IT architecture, where the focus is on the roadmap of CSDM, Shell and the MAB platform. The specific activities of Development include: geo-scheduling in buses and licence plate recognition (LPR) and the Shell data portal.

Projects & Consultancy

Clients of CSDM increasingly require innovative, (interactive) concepts and interaction with their target group. The Projects department guides these clients through the design, construction, test and implementation phases, in order to subsequently deliver the projects to the client as agreed. Projects operates internationally and is multidisciplinary, meaning that software, installation, business consultancy and implementation can be managed for each individual project.


My separated workflows within CSDM are integrated in the Traffic department. And not only in terms of logistic processes. For example, Traffic is involved in CMO (content management operations) for Shell and this department ensures that commercial and editorial content is distributed to the networks of CSDM via various booking systems and formats. But the tasks of Traffic also include management of the website, production of the monthly newsletter, assembling campaign reports (aftersales measurements), order routing, invoicing of commercials, coordination and management of our specials and quality monitoring of editorial broadcasts.

Studio & Redactie

Studio & the Editorial team are the creative heart of CSDM. This is where client-oriented concepts and formats are developed and designed for a wide variety of digital (branded) content and commercials.
On a 24-7 basis, the news desk provides the latest news as well as editorial, interactive features about sports, lifestyle, entertainment and social themes, such as sustainability, among other things. There is separate programming that responds to national and international events.


Backoffice CS Digital Media

Somewhat in the shadow, but no less important for the smooth running of business processes within CSDM is the back office – what’s in a name! The back office serves as the central office for CSDM in a wide range of areas: from financial administration to human resources and process improvement (standardisation of specials and projects), from controlling activities (concession management and contract administration) to content and order processing. Everything is handled by the back office.