The city of Amsterdam announced this week that the provisional award of the advertising concession tender of the metro network Amsterdam has been granted to CS Digital Media. Obtaining this 15 year concession, strengthens CS Digital Media its current position as sole provider of Digital Out Of Home networks within the Dutch metro networks of Amsterdam and Rotterdam.

Amsterdam Fully Programmatic (AFP)

The new advertising concession, starts at the 1st of april 2018 as a fully digital network. A roll out of 288 digital screens at 38 metro stations all over Amsterdam will be done in 4K quality screens in sizes 75”, 86″ and 98”. The total underground network will reach 4 million travelers per week.

Through the SSP platform of MyAdbooker, the total network of digital screens will be available for Programmatic Buying. This provides a première to online buyers as Amsterdam city underground will be the first worldwide outdoor network only accessible through programmatic technology. Advertisers are enabled to deploy better integrated campaigns supported by data, triggers or just time based, reducing media waste in advertising budgets.

‘Online in Out of Home’

Radjen van Wilsem, CEO CS Digital Media: ‘Maintaining and expanding the advertising concession of Metro Amsterdam, enables us to roll out a network while making use of all the technologies we have developed in the past few years. I expect us to elevate Digital Out Of Home to a next level by creating “Online in Out Of Home”‘.

If you have questions about the fully programmatic Outdoor network, please do contact us. Send us an email at